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Nóra Scheffer

Our company has ten years experience in organizing and managing events.

About us

Our company has ten years experience in organizing and managing events.

At first we only organized smaller family gatherings, birthday parties and graduation parties.  Then came the bigger requests, corporate events, team buildings, product launches, meetings, conferences, business meetings connected to catering.

Then with professional qualification in our hands - both in professional and experimental field - we could create a wider range of services. This includes the organization of weddings  and consultations as well.

This is no more luxury, it is a need to ask for the help of a professional event organizer to manage everything. Plenty of your money can be saved, if  a professional person plans, organizes and manages the event. This way you will have perfect and memorable moments. We help and work with you from the beginning until the end of the event. We help with the management, planning and also the post work.

Contact me and let me know how can I help You!

 Sincerely, Nora Scheffer





Scheffer Esküvő- és Rendezvényszervező Iroda
Address: 7030 Paks, Cseresznyés u. 57.
Tel.: 06 30 / 216 47 66 * info@schrendezveny.hu
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