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We undertake business event planning, organization, and management as well.

Business events
We undertake business event planning, organization, and management as well.

1. Conferences, press conferences, banquets, team building trainings, product demonstrations, and family open days, festivals, etc.. (representation, open-consumer, presentation type, conference-type).

2.  We remove all the problems of your shoulders! You just have to outline your ideas, needs, this is compared with the diversity of opportunities we can offer and then we can choose the best solution together.

3. The appropriate location, catering,  programs, decorations, etc..

4. In our experience, by involving an organizer, the service will not be necessarily more expensive, because we will look for entrepreneurs working with appropriate standards for an affordable price.

5. With this we can save a lot money for the customer.

6. Contact me and let me know how can I help You!
7. Sincerely, Nora Scheffer





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