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Are you having a wedding? Leave the organization to true professionals.


Are you having a wedding?  Leave the organization to true professionals.

The big day is here soon which you have waited so much. You start organizing it and you realize that it isn't as hard you thought it would be. But than a few months go by and you realize that you will need help to finish everything in time! You ask for someone's help who is not professional and if he/she is blessed with a stronger will then you, the wedding will be his/her dream wedding, not yours. Do you really want this?

Or you can leave the work to professionals who will faithfully follow your expectations. This will save you money  as well, because we will give you services, which have been already tried out, and recommend only the best entrepreneurs .

This way you can save yourself from a lot of unnecessary running around. Did you know that when planning a wedding you have to plan 60 different things at a time? We can take care of all these things, you just need to give us the date, your  ideas and the expected number of guests. After we know all of these we can move on and set the prices and find the most optimal offer for you.

Contact me and let me know how can I help You!

Here is the best offer for 2012! If you book your wedding at Puszta Ranch and Guest House for March, April, May or October months, we offer 10% discount of the dinner menu. ( for max.100 persons)

For details and conditions please contact us personally at: Paks -Cseresznyéspuszta 57

For appointment please call: +36 30 216 4766

Sincerely, Nóra Scheffer



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